Epson iProjection Setup

1) Download and run Epson iProjection executable (Available Here) to begin installing the Epson iProjection software. 

2) Begin the installation wizard, ensuring you select “Standard Edition”.

3) Once the installation process has finished launch the Epson iProjection application.

4) Select “Advanced Connection Mode” and tick “Set the selected connection mode as the default mode for future connections”.

5) When prompted to add Epson iProjection to the Windows firewall exceptions list select “yes”.

In the 'Set Options' menu, select the 'User Settings' tab and enter "\\papercut\PCClient\MECProjectors.mplist" into the 'Shared Profile Name' field, then select "Okay". 

6) Under “Profiles” you will then see the list of available projectors in the “shared profile” dropdown menu.

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